The perfect treatment for all hair types.


The Purifying Line is the treatment to cleanse the scalp and hair, while preserving its hydrolipid film to guarantee beautiful, feel-good hair. Suitable for all hair types and for frequent use. The line is composed of Gentle Antismog Shampoo that removes pollution, dust and smoke and the residues of sebum and styling, respecting the physiology of the scalp, of Dry Shampoo, a last-minute solution for refreshed and light hair: volume, freshness and hold, without residues, of Scrub Shampoo, a treatment shampoo that combines the exfoliating action of a scrub and the deterging action of a shampoo in a single step and of Express Conditioner that detangles hair and leaves it more manageable without weighing down and with no need to rinse.

Active Ingredients

(1) CORALLINE ALGA: combats the effects of environmental stress caused by pollution, dust, smoke, and UV rays. It has excellent purifying, hydrating and revitalizing properties.

(2) PLANKTON (EXTRACT): with restructuring and reparative properties. To hydrate, energise and remineralise the hair with calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and iodine.

(3) MARINE SALT: to revitalise hair and scalp, with its soothing and remineralising action.

(4) RICE STARCH: absorbs excess sebum and sweat.

(5) KERATIN: restores body and volume down from the roots.

(6) VOLCANIC ROCKS: these particles clean your skin deeply and absorb excess sebum and dandruff.

(7) NATURAL BETAINE: an amino acid that is part of the composition of hair. It has a hydrating, softening action on the hair.

(8) OAT DERIVATE: helps reduce itching thanks to its soothing properties.

(9) PANTHENOL: Provitamin B5. Hydrates, soothes and softens the scalp while strengthening the hair.

Use frequency

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