A line dedicated to those who love nature and the environment, without giving up on results.

Our certifications

Our products are verified and certified by CCPB (an agency responsible for the Control and Certification of Organic Products). To be defined as organic, a cosmetic product must contain at least 95% of natural products and/or of natural origins, and at least 10% of products certified according to Standard CE834/2007; its production must not include the use of products derived from oil, paraffins, formaldehyde or synthetic colouring agents.

The products are in conformity with Disciplinary DTP/15 Vegan Products, that ensure consumers that they contain no animal ingredients.

Each product contains at least the % stated in the label of natural ingredients, out of the total. The remaining % consists of ingredients that guarantee product preservation and in any case are accepted by the certification standard.

To minimise the risk of allergies and intolerances, each single production is tested to make sure its Nickel contents is lower than 0.00001%.

The entire line (products and packaging material) is produced in Italy. This choice derives not only from the fact that Italy boasts production excellences in the field of cosmetics as well, but also to support our territory and to reduce transportation distances, consequently cutting down on environmental impact.

FREE FROM: SLEs, PEGs, Petrolatum, added Salt, GMOs FREE to keep the formula natural.

Green packaging

Our packaging reflects the philosophy of the line. We have reduced packaging to a minimum, as well as their weight, so as to use less and less material. Our bottles are made of 98% post-consumption recycled plastic; our tubes contain 35% of this material. Even our labels contain at least 25% of recycled material. We are constantly working with our suppliers to further increase sustainability. The paper and cardboard used for publicity at sales points are recycled and/or derive from FSC certified and controlled renewable sources. The entire packaging of the line is 100% recyclable. Each product packaging also contains the instructions to properly recycle each material.

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Active ingredients

Our formulas have been conceived with natural and organic ingredients derived from plants, so they are well tolerated by all skin and hair types, all the while ensuring a high cosmetic performance.

Centrifuged products

To avoid any kind of degradation of fruit extracts, we have chosen the extraction method using a CENTRIFUGE: after selecting the best fruit, always fresh, it is placed in a basket with metal blades that rotate at such a speed that the resulting centrifuge force can break the plant's cells, releasing their juice. The produce takes place at temperatures that avoid overheating of the raw material, and the consequent possible degradation of the active ingredients. No chemical solvents are used during the production phase. The resulting ingredients are therefore safe and have low environmental impact.

The Organic Line products