Donna KH

Liquorice and quartz: cold browns with beautiful reflections

Two new shades with an "ultra-shine" effect enrich the HDR High Definition Reflex collection with quartz crystals: the Cold Browns Liquorice Chestnut 4,78 and Quartz Blond 6,78.

Chestnut Liquorice is confirmed as the most sought-after colour of the moment. It is a very versatile colour, suitable for all skin tones. It is an excellent compromise between black and chestnut. In light, the hair will enjoy an irresistible charm with almost imperceptible shades of violet and blue. Thanks to the multifaceted HDR effect, the light on the hair will be enhanced to give maximum reflection.

Quartz Blond is a dark blond with cold shades; it is the trend color of the warm season as long as it is ultra bright and this effect is guaranteed thanks to the presence of quartz crystals in the formula. The result on the hair will be sophisticated and rich in metallic highlights.

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